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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

– Explanation of the purpose of the document.

– Clear identification of the parties involved (agency and clients).

2. Services Offered

– Description of the digital marketing services offered by Nelsis Consultancy.

– Scope of services and limitations.

3. Client Responsibilities

– Explanation of the responsibilities and requirements for clients engaging with the agency’s services.

4. Pricing and Payment

– Details about pricing structure, including fees, packages, and additional costs.

– Payment terms, methods, and late payment policies.

5. Contract Duration and Termination

– How the contract duration works, including renewal and termination procedures.

– Conditions under which either party can terminate the contract.

6. Intellectual Property

– Ownership of intellectual property related to the agency’s services and deliverables.

– Usage rights granted to the client and limitations on use.

7. Confidentiality

– How sensitive information will be handled and protected.

– Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality obligations.

8. Data Privacy and Protection

– How client data will be handled in compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

– Data usage, storage, and security measures.

9. Disclaimer of Guarantees

– Clear statement about results and outcomes not being guaranteed.

– Managing client expectations regarding the effectiveness of the agency’s services.

10. Liability and Indemnification

– Limitations of the agency’s liability in case of losses or damages.

– Client responsibilities in mitigating potential risks.

11. Force Majeure

– Explanation of how unforeseen circumstances beyond either party’s control will be managed.

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

– Designation of the governing law and jurisdiction.

– There are various ways to settle disagreements, including negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

13. Amendments

– Explanation of how changes to the terms will be communicated and implemented.

14. Entire Agreement

– Statement that the Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties.

15. Severability

– A clause in the agreement states that even if one part is unenforceable, the rest remains valid.

16. Contact Information

– How clients can contact Nelsis Consultancy for inquiries, support, or concerns.


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